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Slicks and Warmers! CSBK Updates 2021 Rules for Lightweight Sportbike

From the press release Published on Thursday, April 22, 2021 on

woodcraft tire warmers


The Canadian National Superbike Championship Series (CSBK) have confirmed the technical rules package for the Amateur Lightweight Sport Bike category, sponsored in 2021 by veteran racer Toni Sharpless’ new Super Sonic Roadracing School.

One of the main take-aways for new competitors is the change in spec tire from the DOT legal Dunlop Q3+ to the new slick KR448 and KR451 tires, as well as the use of tire warmers now being permitted in the entry class.

This change lines the series up a little more with MotoAmerica's Lightweight bikes, and should see a drop in lap times compared to what we saw on the Q3+ tires. 

The use of tire warmers on slick tires is almost essential, especially if you want to take advantage of every lap in every session you're on the track. A small investment in a good set of warmers means being able to use every second of track time allotted each weekend, and being able to compete with the top of the crop. 

Motomike Canada uses and sells Woodcraft tire warmers. The Gen III dual-temp warmers from Woodcraft are made in the USA, repairable, and feature a tight-knit curtain to block the wind from cooling the wheel assembly, making them much more efficient. The 30-2105 warmers offered here are made specifically for Lightweight bikes using a 130 to 150 section rear tire. All the same quality and tech as the larger warmers, in  a smaller package. 

Check them out here: 

Woodcraft Technologies 30-2105 Gen III Dual Temp Tire Warmers - 130-150 Series

Full rule updates are available here:

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