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Renthal Ultralight Rear Sprocket 47t 47-Tooth 199U-530-47P-HA for Suzuki Bandit
Renthal Ultralight Rear Sprocket 47t 47-Tooth 199U-530-47P-HA for Suzuki Bandit

Renthal Ultralight Rear Sprocket 47t 47-Tooth 199U-530-47P-HA for Suzuki Bandit

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Part Number199U-530-47P-HA
DescriptionRenthal 530 Ultralight Rear Sprocket Hard Anodised - 47T

Renthal Ultralight rear chainwheels are manufactured to exteremly tight tolerences from a special material developed to withstand the rigours of Supercross, Motocross and Enduro.
The 7075 T6 aluminium alloy rear chainwheels are 66% lighter than steel, yet incredibly durable.
Their advanced tooth profile, concentricity and accuracy of fit provide maximum power transfer and long-life.
Renthals combination of a very high strength base material and an exceptionally hardwearing surface result in significantly increased chainwheel life

2003 Suzuki GSF600S Bandit
2002 Suzuki GSF600S Bandit
2001 Suzuki GSF600S Bandit
2000 Suzuki GSF600S Bandit
1999 Suzuki GSF600S Bandit
1998 Suzuki GSF600S Bandit
1997 Suzuki GSF600S Bandit
1996 Suzuki GSF600S Bandit
1989 Suzuki GSX-R750
1988 Suzuki GSX-R750
1987 Suzuki GSX-R750
1986 Suzuki GSX-R750
2004 Suzuki GSX600F Katana
2003 Suzuki GSX600F Katana
2002 Suzuki GSX600F Katana
2001 Suzuki GSX600F Katana
2000 Suzuki GSX600F Katana
1999 Suzuki GSX600F Katana
1998 Suzuki GSX600F Katana
1997 Suzuki GSX600F Katana
1996 Suzuki GSX600F Katana
1995 Suzuki GSX600F Katana
1994 Suzuki GSX600F Katana
1993 Suzuki GSX600F Katana
1992 Suzuki GSX600F Katana
1991 Suzuki GSX600F Katana
1990 Suzuki GSX600F Katana
1989 Suzuki GSX600F Katana
2004 Suzuki GSX750F Katana
2003 Suzuki GSX750F Katana
2002 Suzuki GSX750F Katana
2001 Suzuki GSX750F Katana
2000 Suzuki GSX750F Katana
1999 Suzuki GSX750F Katana
1998 Suzuki GSX750F Katana
1996 Suzuki GSX750F Katana
1995 Suzuki GSX750F Katana
1994 Suzuki GSX750F Katana
1993 Suzuki GSX750F Katana
1992 Suzuki GSX750F Katana
1991 Suzuki GSX750F Katana
1990 Suzuki GSX750F Katana
1989 Suzuki GSX750F Katana
1996 Suzuki RF600
1995 Suzuki RF600
1994 Suzuki RF600
2001 Suzuki VZ800 Marauder
2000 Suzuki VZ800 Marauder
1999 Suzuki VZ800 Marauder
1998 Suzuki VZ800 Marauder
1997 Suzuki VZ800 Marauder

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