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Race 7 and a new champion is crowned ( #41 finishes 2nd)

August 9th, 2019 saw the second race winner of the season (at long last!) as Richard Nash took home top honours with a 5-second margin of victory over the second place MotoMike Canada sponsored TWOth Autosport A41 Driver Development #41 Miata.

A timing-and-scoring SNAFU meant that the field was gridded as a first-come-first-served order, resulting in the TWOth cars of Clarke and Maguire to start from the rear.  Even with that challenge, the field of Miatas was trimmed down in the first lap, and the #38 and #41 swiftly caught up with the lead pack. 

 The top drivers swapped positions (and spins!) as the drivers squirmed and slipped looking for traction.  Steve Hulaj in the #6 led early, but spun allowing Nash and Maguire to pass him. The #41 had a couple off-track excursions that left him fighting to keep hold of second place, while Nash in the #36 stayed out of reach. 

Lap times were again very close with Richard Nash's #36 clocking a 2:34.136, Owen Clarke in the #38 did a 2:34.566, Mike Maguire in the #41 managed a 2:34.600 and Steve Hulaj in the #6 mustered a 2:34.610 as a fastest race-lap. 

Finishing order saw Richard Nash #36 stepping onto the top box, with Mike Maguire in the #41 and Owen Clarke in the #38 taking the lower positions.


The Calabogie-Spec Miata Challenge is a new series for 2019, and runs in conjunction with the track's Platinum Challenge classes.


Series sponsors include:

JP Walsh Hallmark Realty Remax

Radical Canada 

Powersports Garage


Calabogie Motorsports Park

Perth Brewery

#41 Miata, car prep, setup, and coaching provided by TWOth Autosport

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