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Race 9 - Final CSMC Race Sees Epic Battle and TWOth Podium SWEEP!

September 28th, 2019 marked the 9th and final race of the Calabogie-Spec Miata Challenge (CSMC), and it was a race that went down to the wire.

The top three drivers swapped positions, swapped spins, big saves, and in the end Owen Clarke came home 1st in the #38 sputtering across the line on fumes with the #41 of Mike Maguire and the #62 piloted by Trevor Hill, team owner and half of TWOth (ONEth?) Autosport in hot pursuit. 

It was a great end to an amazing season of racing, with the largest grid of Calabogie-Spec Miatas to date, counting 10 entries (9 after the 370 of Richard Kent failed to start the race). 

The fastest times in the group were once again TWOth cars, with Mike Maguire in the #41 marking a fastest lap of 2:31.769 around the 20 turn 5km course, Owen Clarke did a best of 2:32.098 in the #38, while Trevor Hill pulled a 2:33.048 in his first time behind the wheel of the #62 car! 

A great video from all 3 in-car views can be seen here:


 As evidenced above, the final race was anything but a laid-back affair, even though the #41 MotoMike Canada sponsored TWOth Autosport A41 Driver Development Calabogie-Spec Miata Challenge car locked up the season championship in the penultimate race a few weeks earlier. 


TWOth Podium: Mike Maguire, Owen Clarke, Trevor Hill


The final season championship standings are:

  1. Mike Maguire #41 TWOth Autosport A41 Driver Development Miata
  2. Owen Clarke #38 TWOth Autosport A41 Driver Development Miata
  3. Steve Hulaj #6 Miata

MotoMike Canada owes a big thank-you to the TWOth Autosport team, and everyone involved with Calabogie Motorsports Park from the marshals, to the organizers, volunteers, marketeers, managers, and competitors for making this an absolutely blockbuster event!

We look forward to a fantastic season in 2020



The Calabogie-Spec Miata Challenge is a new series for 2019, and runs in conjunction with the track's Platinum Challenge classes.


Series sponsors include:

JP Walsh Hallmark Realty Remax

Radical Canada 

Powersports Garage


Calabogie Motorsports Park

Perth Brewery

#41 Miata, car prep, setup, and coaching provided by TWOth Autosport

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