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Motomike continues to ship orders during COVID-19 pandemic

We understand that a lot of routines have been upturned, and things aren't exactly business-as-usual in a lot of places.  

Here at Motomike, we are shipping orders worldwide on a daily basis. 
We are taking precautions to protect ourselves and our customers and shipping partners from exposure, and have adapted some of our routines in order to keep the flow of goods going. These may result in an extra day's delay in sending your order, but most times we are able to fulfill the orders as they come in. 

Our shipping partners - Canpar, UPS, FedEx, Canada Post, USPS, Chitchats and others are committed to continue delivering packages in these uncertain times. Each has independently issued a statement signifying their commitments and changes to practices, and can be found online on their respective pages. 

To date, we have not seen slowdowns at US or International points of entry, and we know that most countries are also committed on allowing commercial goods to flow in and out at their usual pace.

If the situation changes, we will update our customers, but for now - we continue to ship orders, and we appreciate greatly those who choose to support us and our small business.


Mike, Danielle, and the team at Motomike Canada

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