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Dalton Clutch Kit - Kawasaki KFX KVF BF 650 700 750 V-Twins 2003-07 | DK 6575VT

Dalton Clutch Kit - Kawasaki KFX KVF BF 650 700 750 V-Twins 2003-07 | DK 6575VT

Dalton Clutches
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Dalton Industries Clutch Kit

Part Number: DK 6575VT

DaltonPro Tuner Kit 2003-07 Kawasaki V Twins 
KFX 700, KVF, BF 650, 700, 750 cc

This is a fully flexible Kawasaki primary clutch tuning kit for experienced clutch tuners and those who like to tune to perfection for specific situations. Fits all 03-07 Kawasaki V-twin models. Uses factory curvature for gram comparison, but is adjustable from 54-60 grams. These adjustable flyweights feature Dalton’s patented “Quick-Adjust” system, which allows for adding and subtracting much of the weight without even removing the flyweight from the drive clutch. Kit also includes our most popular sport oriented Orange/Blue primary spring, although with this system you could make other spring combinations work to your liking. This is like having many clutch kits in one!

This DaltonPro “Tuner” Kit it is just that, for experienced cvt tuners, racers, or people who like to experiment and actually do field testing on their own. It does come with some basic CVT flyweight tuning theory and starting points for some applications, as well as a listing of some optional springs, etc., that are available. We do not offer case specific applications and detailed instructions for applications of this kit. If you are inexperienced with CVT’s and need help or suggestions, we do offer many case specific applications that are more focused on YOUR model and application.

If you are an expert racer/tuner you are going to love the tremendous flexibility of this kit!


  2003   Kawasaki KFX 700 
  2003   Kawasaki  KVF, BF 650 700 750 
  2004   Kawasaki  KFX 700 
  2004   Kawasaki  KVF, BF 650 700 750 
  2005   Kawasaki  KFX 700 
  2005   Kawasaki  KVF, BF 650 700 750 
  2006   Kawasaki  KFX 700 
  2006   Kawasaki  KVF, BF 650 700 750 
  2007 Kawasaki  KFX 700 
  2007   Kawasaki  KVF, BF 650 700 750