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Genuine NOS Honda 90155-460-000 Qty:2 - blinker winker signal stalk bolt CB650+

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NOS= New Old Stock part. May show minor blemishes from movement and storage. May be missing packaging. Please view photos of item. Part is Never sold and Never used.

Part Number90155-460-000
Description: turn signal stalk Rear - bolt chrome winker blinker 

CB650 1980 (A) CANADA
CB650 1980 (A) USA
CB650 1981 (B) CANADA
CB650 1981 (B) USA
CB650 1982 (C) CANADA
CB650 1982 (C) USA
CB650C 1980 (A)
CB650C 1980 (A) USA
CB650C 1981 (B)
CB650C 1981 (B) USA
CB750C 1980 (A) CANADA
CB750C 1981 (B) CANADA
CB750C 1982 (C) CANADA
CB750C 750 CUSTOM 1980 (A) USA
CB750C 750 CUSTOM 1981 (B) USA
CB750C 750 CUSTOM 1982 (C) USA
CB900C 900 CUSTOM 1980 (A) USA
CB900C 900 CUSTOM 1981 (B) USA
CB900C 900 CUSTOM 1982 (C) USA

May fit others not listed, check with dealer if unsure.

Ships from Canada